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Locks, Door Lock
A Door Lock

Locks, A Sliding Door Lock
A Sliding Door Lock

Different locks; covering door, Master and Schlage locks, padlock, cabinet, keyless, combination, tailgate and window locks. A good lock is important if you care for what you've worked for!


Most burglars enter a home through a door or window, and generally will spend no more than 60 seconds trying to get in. Installing more secure locks on doors and windows is a first line of defense against burglary.

Locks, A Window Lock (Click to enlarge)

A standard window lock is designed more to keep the elements out (not intruders). For around $3 a piece, you can replace a standard window lock with a sturdier sash lock.

All exterior doors should have deadbolt locks installed. For doors that include a glass window, be sure to install the type of deadbolt that is keyed on both sides. A deadbolt that has just a latch on the inside offers little protection in this situation, since a burglar could easily break the glass, reach through and unlatch the lock from the inside.

When installing the strike plate for deadbolt locks, be certain to use 3-inch (or longer) mounting screws to ensure that the strike plate is secured into the wall-stud, not just the door-jamb.

Locks, Installing Door Deadbolts (Click to enlarge)
Installing Door Deadbolts (Click to enlarge)

Locks, Slide Rod Lock (Click to enlarge)
Slide Rod Lock (Click to enlarge)

Sliding door locks are devices in which the shackle has sliding cooperation with the body of the padlock and is not bodily removable from the body. It is a locking system which allows sliding doors to totally slide apart to provide a fantastic panorama when opened wide. It is best suited in terms of security.

Special sliding-glass door locks are inexpensive and help add security to sliding doors. Double French-doors can be very flimsy, and some can be opened simply by pushing hard even when locked. Add slide-rod locks to the top and bottom of one or both of the doors to prevent French doors from being an easy entry point for intruders.

Another right secure product are padlocks. A padlock is a portable locking unit or entity comprising a body containing lock mechanism, such body having a shackle, link or bolt adapted for releasable securement to the conventional structure, one portion of the shackle, link or bolt cooperating with the lock to prevent unauthorized or surreptitious removal or separation of one or more parts of the shackle, link or bolt.

Door LocksDoor Locks - About door security, important things about door locks, kind of locks commonly used to secure doors with their characteristics, pictures and price ranges. Also some places where you can buy door locks.

Master LockMaster Lock - History, information and a list of the common products offered by the recognized Master Lock Company dedicated to elaborate security items for our safety.

PadlockPadlock - Padlock is a detachable lock, with a hinged or sliding shackle designed to pass through a ring or staple on a door, chest, etc. Here is some information, products and places to buy a padlock.

Schlage LocksSchlage Locks - Schlage locks information and a list of products offered by the recognized company dedicated to elaborate security door locks. Places to buy schlage locks.

Cabinet LocksCabinet Locks - Cabinet locks information. About lock sets for cabinets, commonly types, sliding doors locks, glass door locks, showcase locks, plunger, pin tumbler. Where to buy cabinet locks.

Keyless LocksKeyless Locks - Keyless locks information. Lock sets operated with no need of keys. Entry sets, automatic, for house, fingerprint, biometrics, door locks, padlocks and places to buy keyless locks.

Combination LockCombination Lock - Combination lock information. About the combination mechanism, combination door locks, padlocks, picking. Also places where you can buy combination lock.

Tailgate LocksTailgate Locks - Information about tailgate locks and locking automobiles. Keyed integral or power, Pop and Lock, Bully and other brands. Best places to buy tailgate locks.

Window LocksWindow Locks - Information about window locks and security on windows. Casement, sash, snap-locks, sliding, different types of these locks and where to buy window locks.

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Locks, Keyless Combination Lock (Click to enlarge)
Keyless Combination Lock (Click to enlarge)

Locks, Tambour Door Lock (Click to enlarge)
Tambour Door Lock (Click to enlarge)

Locks, padlock (Click to enlarge)
Padlock (Click to enlarge)

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